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Exp-1 High voltage generation.
Exp-2 Corona discharge.
Exp-3 Conduction of electricity.
Exp-4 Electrostatic charges.
Exp-5 Ions in motion.
Exp-6 Attraction and repulsion between charged body.
Exp-7 Electrostatic wind.
PHYSICS, Class XII, Part-1, Chapter-2, Electrostatic potential & capacitance.

Scope of Supply:

Cat No. Item Name Qty.
SE167 Wimshurst Machine 1
C6685 Storage stand 1
C1896 Friction rod 1
C6686 Luminous Pane 1
C6688 Tripod stand 1
C1894 Stand rod 1
C6687 Sphere with connector pin 1
C6692 Bell 1
C6778 Connecting chain 2
C9701 Paper brush 1
Cat No. Item Name Qty.
C6697 Pith balls in box 10
C6696 Pith double pendulum 1
C6694 Needle with connecting pin 1
C6695 Pointed wheel 1
C6689 Jar with point shaped electrode 1
C6690 Jar with spherical electrode 1
C6693 Hook stand 1
C6691 Base plate with ring guide 1
C7788 Plastic ball 1
  Instruction manual 1

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  • Van De Graff Generator Electrical

    Van De Graff Generator Electrical

    To do all electrostatic experiments, especially where continuous production of a high voltage is required. It consists of an Aluminium dome dia. 175mm approx. and a separate discharging Aluminium sphere dia. 75mm approx. Charge belt is made of a special rubber for better performance & long life. It can generate up to spark length 60mm approx. 4mm sockets in dome and base are provided.

  • Van De Graff Generator Hand Driven

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  • Van De Graff Accessories Set

    Van De Graff Accessories Set

    To be used with Van de graff generator for demonstrating various electrostatics experiments. It consists of set of nine objects:-
    1. Pointed Wheel
    2. Needle on 4mm plug
    3. Perspex Jar on 4mm plug with metal coated pith balls 
    4. Thread Brush with 4mm plug
    5. Point Discharge with 4mm plug
    6. Perspex Pillar with suspended metalized sphere on 4mm plug
    7. Reel of nylon thread
    8. Faraday’s Pail with 4mm plug
    9. Neon lamp