About Us

Staying contemprorary and credible is the most formidable challenge faced by industries these days. Thats one test on which Citi Science Trader can take credit of. Not only has it lived up to its reputation as the vulnerable power house of scientific industry and scientific dealers expectations, Citi Science Trader has redifined the ways as manfacturers of scientific instruments by setting new benchmarks as scientific equipment exporters in Pakistan.


Since inception Citi Science Trader has set out to deliver the best quality scientific instruments with a distinct focus on immaculate perfection. It has since traversed a glorious journey - from the scratch literally to be reckoned as Pakistan's most vibrant scientific instruments suppliers. It has grown from manufacturing few scientific appratus to developing a wide range of scientific intruments through its platter of specialized verticals dealing in every sphere of scientific education.


If Citi Science Trader has today established a strong foot print in such a short span , it is solely because Citi Science Trader has nurterd itself as the repository of the scientific instruments manufacturing industry - its rhythm and resilience, its enterprise and energy.


All through Citi Science Trader has never been shy of embracing the change and challenging the stereotypes that characterise most of its counterparts as scientific instruments suppliers. Product innovation in manufacturing scientific instruments plays a vital role and through our in house research and development facility it has been our key driver. Citi Science Trader has transformed with times forging a new age profile that is youthful and always ahead of the rest.